Promotion MasterServer Turbo Boost

Specify the address of the server in the format of IP:PORT Days amount

#GmServer namePlayersMapAddressExpires # VIP FREE Event5/32deathrun_crazyhop_v3_fixRomania89.39.13.119:2701512.11.2021 ~ Cautam Admini!!!2/32gg_fy_infernoRomania89.39.13.118:2701512.11.2021 # Cautam admini!2/32fy_snow3Romania89.39.13.117:2701512.11.2021
4︻芫=一 亗 XXXXXXX KLEOPATRA XXXXXXX 亗 ︻芫=一 assault3/32cs_assault_gamesisUnited Kingdom51.38.98.56:2701615.10.2021
5Cs.Kingscs.Ro | Classic | 18+3/32fy_snowGreece188.212.102.101:2701512.10.2021
6[OLD] - ORIGINALS - [30+]25/32de_dust2Unknown5.254.20.26:2701511.10.2021
7Extreme GamerZ Public |FreeVIP 24/7-MultiJump-SuperKnife2/32de_dust2Germany178.33.38.121:2701510.10.2021
8 CS.AVENGERSCS.RO # CLASIC | 18+13/32$2000$Romania188.212.100.79:270158.10.2021
9ELITE.LEAGUECS.RO # VIP FREE3/32de_dust2United Kingdom51.195.21.8:270157.10.2021
10CS.DARKCS.RO *Friends Fun*21/32de_dust2Germany5.254.20.14:270156.10.2021
12CS.LALEAGANE.RO | Classic Server6/32de_dust2x2Romania93.114.82.176:2701530.09.2021 【ONLY DUST2】VIP 20:00 11:00 + GOLDEN GUNS + WINGS + MULTI JUMP7/32de_dust2Afghanistan137.74.148.91:2701627.09.2021
14Stara Garda® |Dust2 24/7|5/32de_dust2Afghanistan185.119.89.99:2733325.09.2021

Servers prohibited

- Download the client files «.exe .cmd .jar .vbs .bat .com .dll» and other such files.
- Players will put an automatic connection. *(Auto connect).
- Automatic switch players on other servers. *(Redirect or /server command)
- Do not change the menu of the player. *(GameMenu) and sever can`t change player nick.
- Change «config.cfg» (except for additional keys), «userconfig.cfg», «autoexec.cfg».
Substitution masterserver player.

In case of contact under one of the prohibited sections, the server enters the ban on MS and monitoring. (Means giveth not!)